I would like to thank Wiley for asking me to return as the author of the second edition of Joomla! Bible. We worked together to produce the first edition three years ago. In the intervening years, much has changed with both the web CMS landscape in general and with Joomla! in particular. Much of my excitement for this revision text stems from the fact that the newest version of Joomla! is a major step for the project — one that I hope receives the broad audience that it deserves. Having the chance to dig into Joomla! 3 in depth while researching and writing this title has been a brilliant learning experience and has left me with a very positive view of the newest version of Joomla! — something that I hope I have communicated adequately in the pages of this book.

This project ran on an incredible schedule, largely due to the measured guidance of my project editor Jade Williams. We had a very aggressive deadline to meet and without Jade's experience and ability to prioritize, I never would have made it. I also want to say thank you to Stephanie McComb, a Senior Acquisitions Editor at Wiley. She's the person responsible for pushing through both the Joomla! and Drupal Bible titles at Wiley, and has been a steady champion for these projects internally.


Welcome to Joomla! Bible. As with all books in the Bible series, you can expect to find both hands-on tutorials and real-world applications, as well as references and background information that provide ...

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