Chapter 5: Managing Content


Creating new articles

Managing existing articles

Working with content hierarchies

Using categories to impose structure on your content

Managing global article settings

The creation and management of content items is at the very heart of any content management system, and Joomla! is no exception. Not surprisingly, the content management options in Joomla! are full-featured and include a wide variety of options. Joomla! 3 made a number of significant changes to the content management interfaces, introducing improved usability and easier access to the wide range of choices in the system.

In this chapter, I take you through the all-new content management interface in detail. In addition to content creation and editing basics, I focus on how you can use the tools to impose a logical structure on your content, both for the site's administrators and for your site visitors. Logical structuring of your content items not only makes the site easier to use for your visitors, but also promotes the efficient management of the site. Along the way, I cover the most common approaches to handling content management challenges as well as the various system parameters that enable you to enhance your site's search engine effectiveness and keep content creation overhead to a minimum.

If you can't wait, let's start with content management 101: How to create your first article in Joomla!.

Creating Articles

If you are like most Joomla! users, articles are the ...

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