Chapter 10: Managing Your Site's Users


Working with the Joomla! User Manager

Understanding the system's user hierarchy

Adding new users to the system

Managing your existing users

Working with user groups

Setting up user registration

Specifying what users can see

Specifying what users can do

Users are the lifeblood of any site. Proper user management is needed both to inspire repeat visitors and to protect the integrity of a site. Whether your site is large or small, fluency with the Joomla! tools for user registration, user management, and access control is essential for good website management. Joomla! makes it possible for you to offer site membership to your visitors while also protecting your security. You can create multiple users and multiple groups of users, and control what they can see and do while on the site.

In this chapter, I take a detailed look at the Joomla! User Manager and how you can use it to create and manage the registered users on your website. I also examine the connections between users, user groups, access levels, and permissions and how they relate to the management of your site's many content items, components, modules, and plug-ins.

Introducing the User Manager

The User Manager handles the creation and management of all registered users in the Joomla! system. If you want to add a new user to your system, or manage the details associated with any existing users, you can perform these tasks with the tools located in the User Manager. ...

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