Chapter 12: Using the Banner Manager


Understanding how the Banners component and Banner module work together

Creating new banners

Associating banners with clients

Grouping banners into categories

Tracking banner performance

Creating new Banner modules

Enabling conditional display of banners

The Banner Manager component in Joomla! is responsible for handling the advertising space on your website. Although the name implies that it is only suitable for banner ads, you can use it to display graphical content in any shape or size; the only limitation you face comes from what fits comfortably into your page layout. The component is quite powerful. It can handle multiple types of ads, manage multiple clients, enable conditional banner display, and generate reports on banner performance.

The Banner Manager works in conjunction with the Banner module. The Banner Manager component handles the management of the banners and the clients, while the Banner module handles the actual display of the banners. The Banner Manager component serves as an interface that lets you organize banners into categories and associate them with clients, as well as set the limitations on display. The Banner module, in contrast, enables you to control the placement of the banners by page and by position on the page.

In this chapter, I look at how the Banner Manager component works in harmony with the Banner module to allow you to manage banners across your site, as well as manage ads and ad campaigns. ...

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