Chapter 13: Working with the Contacts Component


Configuring the Contacts component

Adding contacts to your site

Managing contacts and categories

Creating a basic contact form

The default Joomla! system includes a directory system called the Contacts component. Although the Contacts component was initially created to provide a simple directory of a site's users, it has evolved to take on a more generic role. While you can still use it to create a listing of your users, each with their own contact form, you can also use it as a basic directory for almost any type of text information. If your site allows membership, the Contact Manager becomes an essential tool for enabling communication with site members. If you want your site to contain a directory of information about particular people, places, or items, you can use the Contact Manager to creatively achieve that goal. The Contact Manager is also the key to creating contact forms in Joomla!.

In this chapter I go through the creation of contacts, how to group contacts, how to display the information in a directory structure, and how to use the Contacts component to enable the creation of contact forms.

Introducing the Contact Manager

The Contact Manager is the essential tool for working with the directory entries you create inside the Contacts Component. It is also your central workspace for creating, grouping, editing, and deleting user contact information. The entries you create with the Contact Manager form the ...

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