Chapter 14: Using the Newsfeed Component


Understanding the role of the Newsfeed Manager

Configuring the Newsfeed component to suit your needs

Adding feeds to your site

Managing feeds and organizing them into categories

The Newsfeed component is an RSS aggregation tool. This component allows you to add syndicated RSS and Atom feeds (referred to in Joomla! by the generic name “newsfeeds”) to your site and to group them into categories. You can then display the content on your pages by creating menu items that link to the component's output.

The Newsfeed component provides all the parameters needed to manage the aggregation of multiple feeds and, to a lesser extent, the individual feed items. You can control the number of items gathered and the frequency of the updates. The feed items gathered by the Newsfeed component can then be channeled into the site to display in a variety of ways.

The Newsfeed component makes it very easy to bring external content into your site and to manage it all from one interface. Because the feeds update automatically, there's never been an easier way to bring current information into your site to enhance your site's relevance and value to your visitors.


The Joomla! interface switches back and forth between “Newsfeeds” and “News Feeds.” I've tried to standardize usage here in this text to “Newsfeeds,” but regardless of which term you see, we're all talking about the same thing.

Introducing the Newsfeed Manager

The Newsfeed Manager ...

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