Chapter 16: Using the Weblinks Component


Configuring the Weblinks component

Using the Weblinks Manager

Adding Weblinks to your site

Grouping weblinks into categories

Managing weblinks and categories

The Weblinks component enables you to accumulate URLs to other websites and online resources and then publish those links easily on your website. This component also makes it easy to organize those links and to track the number of times users have clicked them. While a links page is a common feature of many websites, the Weblinks component is much more powerful than a simple links page. Because the Weblinks component enables you to create categories and subcategories of links, you can use the Joomla! menu items to link to various levels of the hierarchy, allowing the display of link resources throughout your site, rather than simply on one single page. The Weblinks component also provides all the parameters needed to control the appearance and behavior of the links.

In this chapter, I introduce the Weblinks component, explore the available configuration options, and then show you how to add links and categories to your site.

Introducing the Weblinks Manager

The Weblinks component has a narrow range of functionality; it's all about enriching the content of your site by displaying links to external sites, and organizing those links into categories. The primary interface for interacting with the component is the Weblinks Manager, which provides quick access to the tools ...

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