Chapter 18: Working with the Administrator Modules


Understanding the Joomla! Administrator Modules Manager

Creating, duplicating, editing, and deleting Administrator modules

Reviewing the system's 15 Administrator modules

The Joomla! system includes both Site modules and Administrator modules. Site modules provide output for the site visitors, and Administrator modules supplement the administration interface and provide the site administrators with access to useful features and information.

Because Administrator modules tend to supply critical functionality, programmers and system administrators rarely alter them, and the vast majority of Joomla! sites use only the default configuration. However, a closer examination of the modules shows that you can gain some benefits from learning how to manage your site's Administrator modules. By understanding the configuration options for the modules, you can enhance your site's admin interface and customize it to better serve your company and your users.

In this chapter I look at the tools you need to manage the Administrator modules and cover each of the individual modules' options and uses.

Introducing the Administrator Modules Manager

The Administrator Modules Manager provides the interface for controlling the Joomla! system's Administrator modules. The system includes 15 different Administrator module types. Several of the module types are closely related to and dependent on the core components; others are independent, ...

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