Chapter 2. Obtaining and Installing Joomla!


  • Obtaining the Joomla! installation files

  • Installing Joomla! locally

  • Installing Joomla! on a web host

Getting started with Joomla! is easy. The open source software is freely available for download and in some cases may already be available as part of your web hosting package. In either case, you usually need to go through a set up process before you can start working on the contents of your web site.

Joomla! includes a wizard-style interface that enables you to create a complete web site installation simply by clicking through a series of steps and providing some information. The installer also includes options that can streamline work in the future and provide assistance to those who are just starting out with Joomla!

This chapter looks at the basics of obtaining the Joomla! files and getting them installed on your server.

Getting the Installation Files

The official Joomla! installation files come bundled together in one compressed archive file. Although downloading this archive from several different sources is possible, I strongly recommend that you only obtain your code from the official Joomla! site for the following reasons:

  • By going to the official site, you are assured of downloading the most recent version.

  • The official archives are trustworthy and highly unlikely to contain dangerous or malicious code.

  • You can be assured that the archive contains a complete set of the official components.

To obtain the files, go to ...

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