Chapter 8. Working with the Menu System


  • Introducing the Menu Manager

  • Creating and managing menus

  • Introducing the Menu Item Manager

  • Creating and managing menu items

  • Controlling access to menus and menu items

Menus are used to create the principal navigation links on the pages of your web site. Joomla! provides a number of tools for creating and controlling your menus. The constituent parts of Joomla's menu system are the menu items, which are grouped together into menus that are displayed on the page through the use of menu modules. Mastering the menu system means gaining an awareness of how these parts are created and managed.

The Menu Manager enables the creation of the menus. Each individual menu is the subject of a dedicated Menu Item Manager and one or more menu modules. The Menu Item Manager handles the creation and configuration of the items on the menu, while the module handles the actual display of the menu on the page. You control the placement of the menus by assigning the various modules to the desired module positions.

In this chapter, I go through the creation and management of menu and menu items.

Introducing the Menu Manager

The Menu Manager is a standard Joomla! component and is included with the default Joomla! system. You will use the Menu Manager to create and manage all the menus on your Web site. To access the Menu Manager, select the option named Menus on the admin navigation bar, and then select the option Menu Manager. The Menu Manager interface loads ...

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