Chapter 9. Managing the Front Page of Your Site


  • Controlling front page layout

  • Publishing articles on the front page

  • Publishing components on the front page

  • Publishing modules on the front page

The front page of your web site is your first impression to visitors. Because the front page has such an important role, Joomla! creators have provided site owners with dedicated tools for managing the page and the contents that appear on it. Gaining command of those tools is the goal of this chapter.

Using the tools in the admin system, you can assign articles to your front page, as well as component output and module output. Although controlling the contents that appear on the page is the easiest way to make your front page effective, you can also work with the layout of the page to achieve more variety. The controls on the Menu Item and Article parameters give you a measure of control over the layout, and if you want to do even more, you can assign a unique template to provide the front page with its own distinct look and feel.

Controlling Front Page Layout

Your default Joomla! site comes with only one Menu Item Type tailored for use as the front page of your site. That Menu Item Type, named Front Page Blog Layout, has several options that allow you to customize the appearance of the front page to suit your needs. The Menu Item Type options, together with the parameters associated with the articles that are displayed on the page, give you basic content layout control.


In addition ...

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