Chapter 17. Working with the Site Modules


  • Reviewing the Module Manager

  • Introducing the Site modules

Joomla! uses modules to display content and functionality on areas of the page other than the main content area. Modules often appear in sidebars, at the top or bottom of a layout, and on the edges of or even surrounding the main content area of the page. Modules are critical for designing compelling sites with good functionality. The system includes both front-end modules and back-end modules. The modules for the front end of the system are called Site modules.

The Site Modules Manager provides an interface for controlling the system's numerous Site modules. The Joomla! system includes 20 different Site module types. Several of the module types are closely related to and dependent on the core components; others are independent, self-contained units. All share a similar process for the creation, copying, and deletion of modules. The difference between the modules is largely in the parameters that are available for each module. Mastery of the parameters enables you to tailor the modules to your needs.

In this chapter, I introduce the module manager and all of the default Joomla! 1.5.x Site modules.

Reviewing the Module Manager

All the Joomla! modules are controlled through the Module Manager. The manager contains all the system modules, together with any third-party modules you may install. To access the Site Module Manager, log in to the admin system, and then go to the Extensions ...

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