Chapter 10. Plug-Ins That Come with Joomla!


  • What is a plug-in?

  • Plug-ins you might want to modify

  • Choosing and installing a new editor

Plug-ins are another type of Joomla extension that typically work behind the scenes. They don't exist directly on a web page, like components and modules. Plug-ins power features such as the editor you use to edit articles, the "remember me" functionality in a login form, the cloaking of email addresses, and more.

Many plug-ins require no configuration or any special attention at all — they just work. But a few plug-ins do some things that might be of interest to you. One valuable improvement to Joomla via plug-in is changing your editor from the default TinyMCE to another editor, significantly improving Joomla's usability for your end-user clients as a result.

Leaving settings well enough alone in the plug-in configuration screens is best, because plug-ins can deeply affect the functioning (or non-functioning) of Joomla. However, in this section I walk you through a few plug-ins you might find useful to change.


This plug-in controls the Remember Me box on a login form. If the plug-in is enabled, the box appears on the form. If you disable the plug-in, visitors to your site will not have the Remember Me option on login.

Log in to the back end of Joomla, then choose Extensions


Figure 10.1. FIGURE 10-1

Find the System ...

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