Chapter 15. Site Maintenance and Training


  • Creating backups with JoomlaPack

  • Moving a Joomla site with JoomlaPack

  • Upgrades

  • Documentation

  • What's next?

Congratulations! You've finished your first Joomla site. You're ready to hand it off to your client and move on to the next one. What more is there to do?

Some people have said that the site launch is just the beginning. There's much more to do in the second phase, such as maintenance.

Some developers toss the site "keys" to the client and disappear, never to be heard from again. (Some developers do this before the site is even done, but that's another story.)

If you build the site, you have an obligation to train your clients in how to use it and answer their questions. This is where documentation and training come in.

This chapter covers the little tasks you'll need to think about just prior to launch and well after. This includes training your client and/or giving them site documentation, upgrading their site, and making backups and moving sites with JoomlaPack.


Chapter 3 extensively covers how important backups are. Ensuring that your web host does those backups regularly and makes those backups accessible to you when you need them is critical. By launch time, you have had those conversations with the web host, and those backups are already happening. (Please review Chapter 3, though, if you skipped it. Backups are critically important with Joomla sites.)

However, you can also make your own backups. Some ...

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