Time for action — creating a Nivo Slider slideshow

Follow these steps to create an image slideshow with fancy transitions:

  1. We'll get started by setting up a basic HTML file and associated files and folders just like we did in Chapter 1, Designer, Meet jQuery. In the body of the HTML document, Nivo Slider simply requires a set of images inside a container<div>.

    We can optionally wrap each image in a link if we want each slide of our slideshow to link off to another page or web location, but it's not required. Nivo will work fine with unlinked images as well. The title attribute of the <img> tag is used to display captions for the slideshow.

    <div id="slideshow"> <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agua_Azul"><img src="images/600/AguaAzul.jpg" ...

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