Displaying information about the game session

For the fifth and very last part of our spec, we need to display information about the game and provide a way to navigate back to the previous articles. We'll define the following functions:

function objective(game) 
    Go from <i>$(game.articles[1].title)</i>  
    to <i>$(game.articles[end].title)</i> 
    Progress: $(size(game.history, 1) - 1)  
    out of maximum $(size(game.articles, 1) - 1) links  
    in $(game.steps_taken) steps 
    <a href="/$(game.id)/solution">Solution?</a> |  
    <a href="/">New game</a> 

The objective function informs the player about the start and end articles and about the current progress. It also provides a small menu so that you can view the solution ...

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