Univariate distributions

The distributions where each sample is scalar are Univariate distributions. We can categorize them further into two distributions based on the values they support:

  • Univariate Continuous Distribution
  • Univariate Discrete Distribution

Abstract types:

julia> typealias UnivariateDistribution{S<:ValueSupport} Distribution{Univariate,S} 
julia> typealias DiscreteUnivariateDistribution   Distribution{Univariate, Discrete} 
julia> typealias ContinuousUnivariateDistribution Distribution{Univariate, Continuous} 

Many methods are implemented for Univariate distributions in the package, which provides necessary functionalities.

Retrieving parameters

  • params(distributionX): This will return a tuple of parameters
  • succprob(distributionX): This returns ...

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