Server application

The server application will take a simple command-line argument to refer it to a configuration file, which will define a series of JUNOS OS devices that will be polled. The configuration file will include the necessary SSH credentials for access to the devices to be polled:

  1. Make a directory on the management server in order to store all of the resources associated with this project and start by downloading all of the necessary pre-requisite Node.js packages:
     $ npm install     └─┬         ├─┬ debug@2.6.8         │ └── ms@2.0.0      [...]     $ npm install xml2js     └─┬ xml2js@0.4.19         ├── sax@1.2.4         └── xmlbuilder@9.0.4      $ npm install argparse     └─┬ argparse@1.0.9         └── sprintf-js@1.0.3 
  1. Create collector.js in your preferred ...

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