EIGRP-to-OSPF Migration

This section demonstrates a smooth migration from a legacy EIGRP network to a hierarchical OSPF IGP. You could take many approaches to facilitate such a migration. The best approach will depend on numerous factors, such as device support of old and new IGPs and whether new equipment is being added, and if so, whether it’s added to replace or augment an existing network’s infrastructure. Also of consideration is the legacy network’s design with regard to addressing and hierarchy, in combination with the design goals for the new network’s efficiency and scalability.

The tactic demonstrated here is of the route redistribution variety. But considering that Juniper Networks routers have never spoken EIGRP, a bit of the integration model has to be at work as well—after all, a new backbone is being built out. It is acknowledged that leveraging existing network infrastructure will be of prime concern for most enterprises, and therefore that a typical EIGRP-to-OSPF migration will center on the phased reconfiguration of existing IOS devices to begin running the new and stop running the old IGP. This chapter demonstrates a migration approach in which Juniper Networks routers are added to form a new OSPF backbone while minimal changes are made to the legacy infrastructure to accommodate communications between the EIGRP and OSPF domains.

The solution demonstrated accommodates graceful growth of the OSPF backbone while the legacy EIGRP backbone is phased out. The migration ...

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