Welcome to JUNOS For Dummies. This book provides you with a handy reference for configuring and running JUNOS software on Juniper Networks products and includes relevant background on the related networking concepts. (You can discover more about Juniper Networks and the evolution of JUNOS software at

JUNOS software is deployed extensively throughout the world running on Juniper Networks platforms designed for switching, routing, and security. You can find it in both the largest and smallest service provider networks and in the networks at tens of thousands of offices, campuses, and data centers of enterprise organizations, as well as in the public sector and education.

See whether you can identify with any of the follow scenarios:

  • In your data centers: You may be looking for ways to reduce the power usage of your data center, collapse networking tiers and infrastructure, converge your data centers into fewer sites, scale existing ones, or build out a new data center.

  • In your branch offices: You may be updating your branch gateway with an integrated platform, deploying access control or Voice over IP (VoIP), supporting new users, introducing application acceleration, or upgrading older switching and routing infrastructure.

  • In your headquarters or regional office campuses: You may be adding access control to protect your network, deploying Voice over IP (VoIP), supporting a new location, adding new users or deploying new web or other servers, or upgrading ...

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