Chapter 1

Junos Is Everywhere You Need to Be

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the functions of a network operating system
  • Discovering how Junos OS is different
  • Looking beyond the operating system to the Junos Platform

The Junos operating system (Junos OS) is the software that runs networking and security devices from Juniper Networks. Administrators use Junos OS to set up devices and connect them together in a network, and dictate how the devices move, service, and secure traffic across the network. They also use it to monitor and, when necessary, restore the network.

Note: In this book, we use both Junos OS and Junos as one and the same.

This chapter introduces Junos OS by describing the functions of a network operating system and then discussing how they work in Junos. The chapter also explores key differences in how Juniper develops Junos software versus how other vendors create their network operating systems, and introduces additional components of the Junos portfolio.

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