Chapter 5

Configuring the Device with the CLI and J-Web

In This Chapter

  • Installing the hardware and software for various devices
  • Configuring devices with the CLI
  • Returning to a backed-up version of the configuration
  • Configuring device with J-Web

The first step in using any network device involves installing the hardware and software necessary for its operation. Then you can configure the device to perform the tasks needed to fit its role in the network. You can save configuration for later use, and you can configure the device using typed-in commands or a more user-friendly point-and-click interface. This chapter covers both methods.

This chapter covers installation of hardware and software for a typical Junos OS device. You see how to set up access to the device for users authorized to perform configuration and get an overview of the 18 common steps to configure any Junos OS device. Then we handle various ways to save and work with configuration files. Finally, we show you how to accomplish the same thing with J-Web.

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