“Test Plan Driven” Method Architecture

  • Driver Script

    • Performs initialization (if required)

    • Calls the Application-Specific “Controller” Script, passing to it the file-names of the Test Cases (which have been saved from the spreadsheets as “tab-delimited” files)

  • The “Controller” Script

    • Reads and processes the file-name received from Driver

    • Matches on “Key Words” contained in the input-file

    • Builds a parameter-list from the records that follow

    • Calls “Utility” scripts associated with the “Key Words,” passing the created parameter-list

  • Utility Scripts

    • Process input parameter-list received from the “Controller” script

    • Perform specific tasks (e.g., press a key or button, enter data, verify data, etc.), calling “User Defined Functions” if required

    • Report any errors ...

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