The DDScripts

The following template files are included on the CD-ROM.

'DDMain Template Version 2.0

'This is a template file updated May 24, 2001
'updated May 25, 2001  added the openfile browser for selecting the input file
'updated May 31, 2001  change call function window_select to CallScript DDWindow_Select.
 Added Global Genral_Return_Code in DataDriven.sbh 'updated June 6,2001 change call function perform action and process error '$Include: "global.sbh" '$Include: "DataDriven.sbh" Declare Function ReadFields BasicLib "global" (File_Num, Fld_Cnt, GFlds()) Declare Function Key_Word_Sub BasicLib "DDKeyWord_Sub" (Fld_Cnt) Dim Rec_Type 'Record ...

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