Some Light Relief—Using Java to Stuff an Online Poll

The email to me was brief. It just read:

From billg@Central Mon May  4 11:57:41 PDTSubject: Hank the Angry DwarfTo: jokes@Sun.COMHey everyone.  If you've got five seconds to spare, go to the following url: vote for:     Hank the Angry, Drunken DwarfThis is a huge joke.  We want to try to get Hank way up there on the People Magazine 50 most beautiful people of the year list.  As of 2:00AM, he's already up to number 5!

Well, I can recognize a high priority when I see one. I put down the critical bug fix I was working on, went right to the website, and checked what this was all about.

What this was all about

Every year ...

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