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KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays

Book Description

For nearly fifteen years, Joel Comm has been generating revenue on the web via a number of avenues. In KaChing, he shares his five primary methods of making money online, combining traditional marketing with the new, offering detailed strategies and techniques that can be applied to any niche or market. Each of the five methods is broken down into simple, practical, duplicable steps.

Praise forKaChing

"Turning your passion into profit is Joel's keystone in life, and he possesses the uncanny ability to deliver a clear road map enabling precise results, again and again. Follow Joel's formulas for creating revenue streams online and you'll discover a whole new level of decisive confidence, both online and in life."

Gary W. Goldstein, Hollywood Movie Producer

"If you can't make money online after reading Joel Comm's KaChing, you should not be allowed to drive a car or operate large machinery! Joel Comm could not have made your path to internet wealth more clear or simple. KaChing is a step-by-step guide to defining your niche, creating salable content, and driving paying customers to your site on a consistent and sustainable basis. It's time to hit the KaChing button! Read this book NOW and watch your money accumulate." —Joseph Michelli, PhD, author of such internationally bestselling business books as The Starbucks Experience, The New Gold Standard, and When Fish Fly; and cofounder of WOWful Connections

"With Twitter Power, Joel Comm demonstrated how to build and nurture productive digital relationships. With KaChing, he teaches how to tap into your passions and create online revenue streams via several compelling models. If you're serious about creating revenue online, without having to live online, read this book and apply its best practices."

David Nour, bestselling author of Relationship Economics and ConnectAbility

"If you've considered starting an online business or have one that isn't making any money, check out Joel Comm's book and find your KaChing button."

Alexis Martin Neely, AlexisMartinNeely.com

"Joel Comm is a master teacher when it comes to following your passion and becoming extremely successful with your online businesses. In this book, he tells you how you can do both, and his methods are easy enough for anyone to follow. If you have been searching for a way to profit from what your are passionate about, you must read this book!"

Jen Grover, creator of the Butler Bag and author of What If? and Why Not? --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Foreword
  3. Introduction—Creating Your Personal KaChing Button
  4. 1. The New Web Order—How the Internet Has Brought Opportunity to Everybody
    1. 1.1. So, Just How Easy Is It to Begin Building a Web Site?
    2. 1.2. From Blogging to KaChing
  5. 2. Your Uniqueness Equals Cash
    1. 2.1. Choosing Your Niche
    2. 2.2. The Value of Your Niche—How Keywording Can Boost the Price of Your Passion
    3. 2.3. Niches Are Nice, but Micro-Niches Create Nicer KaChings
    4. 2.4. You're Not That Unique—Building Your Community
    5. 2.5. The Seven Keys to Success
      1. 2.5.1. 1. You Have to Dream
      2. 2.5.2. 2. You Have to Believe
      3. 2.5.3. 3. You Have to Prepare
      4. 2.5.4. 4. You Have to Act
      5. 2.5.5. 5. You Have to Relate
      6. 2.5.6. 6. You Have to Use Models
      7. 2.5.7. 7. You Have to Grow
  6. 3. Content Is Not King ... It Is KaChing!
    1. 3.1. You Don't Have to Be a Writer to Write Valuable Content
    2. 3.2. Seven Content Types that Go KaChing
      1. 3.2.1. 1. How-To Articles
      2. 3.2.2. 2. News Articles
      3. 3.2.3. 3. Opinion Articles
      4. 3.2.4. 4. Review Articles
      5. 3.2.5. 5. List Posts
      6. 3.2.6. 6. Interview Posts
      7. 3.2.7. 7. Multimedia Content
    3. 3.3. It's Not Just What You Say, It's How You Say It
    4. 3.4. Ghost and Guest Writers
    5. 3.5. Turning Your Content into KaChing
      1. 3.5.1. Google Adsense
      2. 3.5.2. Kontera
      3. 3.5.3. Chitika Premium Ads
      4. 3.5.4. Yahoo! Publisher Network
      5. 3.5.5. Microsoft Contentads
      6. 3.5.6. AdsDaq
      7. 3.5.7. Morning Falls
      8. 3.5.8. VideoEgg
      9. 3.5.9. LinkAdage
      10. 3.5.10. Commission Junction
  7. 4. Information Products—Selling Your Knowledge
    1. 4.1. Creating Killer Ideas for Your Information Products
    2. 4.2. Creating the Product
      1. 4.2.1. E Is for Easy ... and E-book
      2. 4.2.2. Getting Physical with Print Books
      3. 4.2.3. Become a Star with DVDs and Webinars
      4. 4.2.4. Online Training Programs
    3. 4.3. Writing Copy that Sells
    4. 4.4. Recruiting Your Affiliate Sales Team
    5. 4.5. Add a Shopping Cart to Your Site
    6. 4.6. The Big Launch!
  8. 5. Earning from Affiliate Programs
    1. 5.1. So, What Exactly Is an Affiliate?
    2. 5.2. Choosing Merchants that Match Your Market
    3. 5.3. Choosing the Products that People Want
    4. 5.4. Strategies for Affiliate Success
      1. 5.4.1. The Right Choice of Product and Merchant
      2. 5.4.2. Make Recommendations
      3. 5.4.3. Placement
      4. 5.4.4. Send Affiliate E-mails
      5. 5.4.5. Get the Timing Right
      6. 5.4.6. Ask for More Money!
    5. 5.5. What the FTC's Guidelines Mean for Affiliates
      1. 5.5.1. Generally Expected Performance
      2. 5.5.2. Transparency
  9. 6. Membership Sites — Turning Your Internet Business into a Passive Revenue Machine
    1. 6.1. What Is a Membership Site?
    2. 6.2. What Do Online Membership Sites Have to Offer?
    3. 6.3. Pricing Your Membership: How Much Is Too Much?
    4. 6.4. Creating Your Membership Site the Easy Way
  10. 7. Coaching Programs
    1. 7.1. What Is Coaching?
    2. 7.2. Strategies for Branding
      1. 7.2.1. Identifying Your Brand
      2. 7.2.2. Broadcasting Your Brand
    3. 7.3. How to Do PR for Mass Impact
    4. 7.4. Getting Started: Low-End Coaching
    5. 7.5. Kicking It Up: High-End Coaching
  11. 8. Case Studies
    1. 8.1. Content Sites
      1. 8.1.1. Travels with Sheila
      2. 8.1.2. ReadWriteWeb
      3. 8.1.3. Origami Blog
    2. 8.2. Affiliate-Supported Sites
      1. 8.2.1. Telescope Reviews
      2. 8.2.2. DigsDigs
    3. 8.3. Information Products
      1. 8.3.1. Brad Callen
      2. 8.3.2. Bloom Bike Shop
    4. 8.4. Subscription Sites
      1. 8.4.1. WebMasterWorld
    5. 8.5. Branding
      1. 8.5.1. Zappos
    6. 8.6. Coaching
      1. 8.6.1. Jack the Garden Coach
  12. Conclusion
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