Zenmap is the graphical interface of Nmap. The advantages of Zenmap compared to Nmap are as follows:

  • Zenmap is interactive; it arranges the scan results in a convenient way. It can even draw a topological map of the discovered network.
  • Zenmap can do a comparison between two scans.
  • Zenmap keeps a track of the scan results.
  • To run the same scan configuration more than once, the penetration tester can use a Zenmap profile.
  • Zenmap will always display the command that is run, so the penetration tester can verify that command.

To start Zenmap, navigate to Kali Linux | Information Gathering | Network Scanners | Zenmap, or use the console to execute the following command:


This will display the main Zenmap window. Zenmap comes with 10 profiles ...

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