Sniffing WLAN traffic

Just as in a wired LAN, on WLAN, we have the ability to sniff network traffic. The following sniffing technique requires that you have been properly authenticated to the wireless network you are testing and have received a valid IP address from the router. This type of sniffing will make use of the Ettercap tool to conduct an ARP poisoning attack and sniff out credentials:

  1. Start Ettercap by going to Applications | Sniffing and Spoofing | Ettercap-gui or by entering ettercap-gui into command prompt. Navigate to Sniff and click on Unified Sniffing. Once there, you will be given a drop-down list of network interfaces. Choose your wireless interface, in our case, WLAN0:
  2. Click on Hosts and click Scan for Hosts. After the ...

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