CHAPTER 1Mastering the Terminal Window

Kali Linux can be summarized in two simple words: terminal window. If you master your terminal window skills, then you will be one of those elite ethical hackers. In this chapter, you will learn all the essentials of the terminal window so you can start using Kali Linux like a boss.

If you already know how to manage the terminal window, please use this chapter as a reference, or maybe go over it quickly in case there is something new that you haven't learned before. The main goal of this chapter is not only to show you the commands of Kali Linux but to help you deeply understand it through practical examples.

Kali Linux is a Debian‐based operating system developed by Offensive Security, so if you're used to Ubuntu, for example, the commands in the terminal window will look the same since Debian and Kali share an equal distribution.

Here's what this chapter covers:

  • Kali Linux file system
  • Terminal window basics
  • Managing users and groups
  • Manipulating files and folders
  • Handling remote connections
  • Kali Linux system management
  • Dealing with networking in Kali Linux

Kali Linux File System

Understanding the structure of the file system in Kali Linux is crucial. The directory structure of your Kali OS is based on the Unix Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), and that's how the directories are structured inside Kali Linux. In Windows, the root directory is C:\ , but in Kali Linux, it's a forward slash ( / ). Do not confuse the term root directory ...

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