CHAPTER 1 Introduction

The Kase on Technical Analysis project consists of a 13-part video series, available both online and in DVD format—and this Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook.

Regardless of whether you currently interact with the market, are aspiring to do so, or are just curious about the markets, Kase on Technical Analysis is for you.

Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook is for any trader wanting better results, analysts seeking better estimates, forecasters looking to hit targets more closely, any institution wanting those involved with markets to do whatever they do better, and, not least, for those aspiring to be market players.

Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook is also for anyone looking for something interesting to learn, which is easier than a new language, and a lot more fun than chess, and also has the potential of big benefits, if you're good at it.

Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook is not an academic-style overview of the field, nor is it presenting a narrow topic or a trading system. Kase on Technical Analysis Workbook presents the material that I personally used to launch a boutique technical trading and hedging advisory service and software development firm in 1992—and to run successfully over many years. The project tests the material with Workbook exercises. For those who already are familiar with technical analysis, test your knowledge by picking up the Workbook.

I have significant experience trading and managing risk in the energy sector, from ...

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