Mac OS X as a Kerberos Client

Mac OS X 10.2 and higher contain built-in support for Kerberos. The Kerberos included with Mac OS X is actually a modified version of the MIT Kerberos 5 distribution. As a result, the best way to approach Kerberos client functionality in Mac OS X is to simply treat it as a special case of a generic MIT Kerberos client running Unix. However, there are a few quirks and some added functionality included with the Mac OS X implementation as compared to a stock MIT Kerberos 5 distribution.

First, while Kerberos is included with the base Mac OS X distribution, it is recommended that administrators install the MIT Kerberos Extras for Mac OS to add some of the functionality that was omitted from the Apple distribution ( These Extras add support for Carbon-based applications that use the CFM Kerberos libraries, as well as placing an alias to the Kerberos graphical ticket utility included with Mac OS X into a more suitable location (namely, /Applications/Utilities).

The location of the configuration file is different than the traditional MIT file location. Instead of /etc/krb5.conf, the Kerberos configuration file is located in /Library/Preferences/, which follows more closely the naming conventions in Mac OS X. Unfortunately, there is currently no graphical utility included with Mac OS X to create or edit this file. Nonetheless, the contents of the file ...

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