Chapter 14

Measuring Project Performance

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding how performance will be measured for each project.

arrow Working out whether you’re delivering your project on time and on budget

arrow Establishing whether you are on track for future successful project delivery or not

KPIs are incredibly useful strategic and operational navigation tools. They allow you to know where you are against expected targets and make real time adjustments to ensure you end up where you want to end up. Often, at an operational level, the execution of strategy is facilitated by the implementation of a number of projects.

It is therefore essential to measure project performance so you know you are going to hit your targets and are fully across the operational implementation of the strategic objectives.

The KPIs detailed in this chapter offer up practical insights into project efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Project Performance Matters

Projects matter because most strategic and change initiatives are delivered via projects. Project performance matters because it’s essential to monitor these projects carefully to make sure they deliver the objectives they were initiated to deliver.

Keeping an eye ...

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