Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA: Creating Great Mobile Applications

Book description

The release of MIDP 2.0 and the introduction of the new Mobile Service Architecture (MSA) are generating momentum for the Java ME platform. As more and more Java-enabled mobile devices become available and more service providers become open to third-party development, the demand for customized applications will grow dramatically. Now, there's a practical, realistic guide to building MIDP 2.0/MSA applications that are robust, responsive, maintainable, and fun.

Long-time Java ME author Jonathan Knudsen offers real solutions for the complex challenges of coding efficiency, application design, and usability in constrained mobile environments. Experienced Java developers will master MIDP 2.0 and MSA programming through clear, carefully designed examples. Downloadable code is available for both NetBeans Mobility Pack and the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit. Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA's wide-ranging content covers:

  • Pushing MIDP's limits, and exploiting MSA's full power

  • Using MIDlets, Forms, commands, core classes, and invocation

  • Building effective mobile user interfaces

  • Designing graphics with the Canvas, the Game API, SVG, and 3D

  • Providing storage and resources: record stores, FileConnection, and PDA PIM

  • Internationalizing mobile applications

  • Networking via WMA, Bluetooth, Web services, and SIP

  • Parsing XML documents

  • Implementing audio and advanced multimedia

  • Securing mobile applications with SATSA and the Payment API

  • Building advanced location-based applications

  • Designing applications for multiple devices

  • Creating end-to-end mobile application architectures

Product information

  • Title: Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA: Creating Great Mobile Applications
  • Author(s): Jonathan Knudsen
  • Release date: December 2007
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 9780321463425