Chapter 1

Introducing Kickstarter

In This Chapter

arrow Getting a handle on crowdfunding

arrow Understanding how Kickstarter works

arrow Taking advantage of Kickstarter

arrow Spotlighting how Kickstarter is different

“I get by with a little help from my friends. . . .” It’s a line from one of the Beatles’ most popular songs but also a mantra for millions. People seek help for everything — and many great communities and companies are built thanks to the generosity of a group of people, all working toward a common goal.

That concept has been frequently translated to charitable endeavors. How often have you been asked to donate $5 for a bake sale or $25 for a fundraising walk? When you hear statistics about millions being raised for a charity through a race or telethon, it’s because a large group of people backed the charity — some on a large scale at a high level, some on a smaller scale at a more modest level. The essential idea, though, is that a large group of people backed a cause. Whatever was done was done by a crowd.

This phenomenon has a name — crowdfunding — and it’s one of the essential concepts ...

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