Chapter 2

Laying the Foundation for Your Kickstarter Campaign

In This Chapter

arrow Getting your project ready for crowdfunding

arrow Highlighting what makes your project unique

arrow Writing your project description to appeal to supporters

arrow Making the best use of Kickstarter categories

One of the biggest challenges (and also opportunities) with Kickstarter is deciding what your unique project will be, determining what makes it special, and then labeling it in the appropriate category.

In this chapter, I examine ways to think about framing your project and communicating what makes it unique, and also determining its appropriate Kickstarter category.

In order to create a winning and engaging campaign, you need to have a dynamic and interesting presence on Kickstarter. Hundreds of projects are added every week, so yours needs to stand out and catch everyone’s eye, not just your friends.

In this chapter, I show you how to make a strong impression by carefully choosing your category, writing interesting copy, and creating a compelling video to explain your Kickstarter project. I’ll also delve into some ...

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