Chapter 4

Creating a Realistic Timeline

In This Chapter

arrow Estimating delivery dates for your rewards

arrow Timing your rewards just right

arrow Setting deadlines you can meet despite ups and downs

One of the largest stumbling blocks Kickstarter users encounter, besides setting a realistic project budget, is the looming deadline: You have to deliver your Kickstarter project on time.

When you set up your campaign (as I explain in Chapter 5), you need to indicate when you expect to deliver your product — and each of your backer rewards. Although, as I write this, Kickstarter does not enforce any regulations requiring campaign owners to deliver finished products or rewards at the times indicated on the campaign’s page, you still have to answer to your backers.

In the past few months, there have been several stories in the press and online about frustration with successful Kickstarter campaigns that still have not delivered the promised items. The following two examples of successful Kickstarter projects were either very late with their delivery or still have not delivered at all, resulting in bad press:

Double Fine Adventure: This campaign for the creation of a classic “point-and-click adventure” ...

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