Chapter 6

Managing an Active Campaign

In This Chapter

arrow Launching your campaign

arrow Tracking backers

arrow Promoting your deadline

arrow Monitoring fees and costs

After successfully submitting your project for approval, you should receive notification of acceptance within 48 hours. Congratulations! You’re ready to launch your project and watch the backers’ support come in — hopefully!

In this chapter I discuss how to officially launch your campaign and start contacting your potential backers. You also find out how to monitor your backers and provide updates throughout the project.

Launching Your Campaign

After you receive approval for your campaign from Kickstarter, your project campaign doesn’t automatically go live. You have to launch it. Figure 6-1 shows your project page once you’re cleared to launch and go live. (Note the Accepted status that appears in the sidebar on the right.)


Figure 6-1: Kickstarter project page with status changed to Accepted.

Before you launch your project, you have a chance ...

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