Chapter 8

Seeing the Light at the End of Your Campaign

In This Chapter

arrow Handling an unsuccessful campaign

arrow Building a community

arrow Figuring out what to do next

arrow Getting social

When you’re coming to the end of your campaign, your project may be just beginning. Whether or not your campaign was successful, you can follow up with your backers to ensure they have a positive experience with your project. In this chapter, you find out how the Kickstarter site helps you thank your backers and deliver their rewards. I also help you continue building a community and making the most of your progress so far.

Handling a Struggling or Unsuccessful Campaign

One of the great things about your Kickstarter page is that you’ll always know exactly the number of days, hours, and minutes left until your campaign ends. If you’ve already hit your target goal, this is an exciting time to watch other backers push you up and over the minimum you hoped to raise.

On the other hand, if you’re short of your goal, this time can be very trying as you worry about the all-or-nothing aspect of Kickstarter.

If you find yourself ...

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