Chapter 15

The Corporate Citizenship Index

Questions Answered
  • Do we make sure that no one will be harmed by our products and services?
  • Do we have a culture that rewards ethical behavior?
  • Does everyone have the same understanding of right and wrong?
  • Do we support our key communities and selected charities?
  • Are we seeing good results from our social responsibility programs?
  • Do consumers and others perceive us as a responsible company that cares about the community?
Why Is This Information Important?
Many organizations today have adopted a philosophy called the “triple bottom line” (TBL) that stands for:
  • People
  • Profits
  • Planet
The “People” dimension addresses how you are doing at satisfying customers and your own staff. The “Profit” dimension is obviously financial results, and the “Planet” dimension is an assessment of how an organization performs on measures of sustainability (see Chapter 8) and supporting their own country and culture (see Chapters 14 and 18). Part of supporting our planet is demonstrating good levels of corporate responsibility or citizenship. This has long been part of the criteria for winning a Baldrige Award, as well as 70 other awards that are based on the Baldrige Award. Being a healthy company is not just about making good profits and having happy customers; it is also about supporting your key communities and managing your business in a socially responsible manner.
Research suggests that it is possible to have good ...

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