Chapter 9

Kindles for Kids and Students

In This Chapter

arrow Assessing a child's readiness for a Kindle

arrow Nurturing a love of reading in children

arrow Kindling for students at all education levels

When the Kindle was first released in 2007, it was expensive and available books were limited primarily to novels — thus it was considered by many to be a device for adult readers, not children and students. Since then, much has changed and the Kindle is widely adopted in schools and colleges. Young readers own their own Kindles and tote them to camp, school, and sleepovers. For many children who have resisted reading, owning a Kindle has changed their outlook and truly “Kindled” a new love for books.

This chapter introduces you to the world of Kindles and kids. If you are a parent wondering about whether to buy a Kindle for your child, read on. In addition, school innovations are briefly discussed. If you are a teacher, maybe some of the information here will fire your imagination and encourage you to learn more.

This book is specifically about the Kindle Paperwhite, but many schools and colleges use other Kindle devices, including the Kindle Fire, which is the Android tablet device of the Kindle ...

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