22Find Strength in Collaboration

Gathering feedback and making changes to an idea isn't about who won on the best idea. It's about what's best for the project. Round 2 of a product is where collaboration starts. You've gathered knowledge and expertise from the review team. Now put it to work!

You already produced your best work before Round 1. No one can take that from you. Now the project needs to grow through collaboration. As a creator who has set up a Kind Review process, you will get a lot of feedback you agree with.

Sensitive creators beat themselves up for not producing perfect work in the first round, but perfection is impossible. Other people will see your work from a different perspective, and that's okay. It's good. You are going to get some feedback that you roll your eyes at. You will get a few feedback items that are not worth pushing through.

Know that the review process is about work. The creator is not done with the piece after the first draft of an idea, so build in time for your revision process. If you have the time, take as much time as you did with Round 2 as you did with your first draft.

Be thoughtful. Don't accept all changes in the product and move on. Instead, use this round to learn from your reviewer and improve the project. To have a good Round 2, I usually review all the corrections, accept the ones that are good and make time to clarify anything I don't understand.

Prepare for Idea Growth

Creators need to make time for revision as much as reviewers ...

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