Section 11

Wrap Up and Review

  • Lesson 62: Bringing It All Together
  • Appendix A: SSIS Component Crib Notes
  • Appendix B: Problem and Solution Crib Notes

Chapter 62

Bringing It All Together

In the past 61 lessons, you’ve see most of the common SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) components, but now it’s time to think a little out of the box, or maybe just make the box bigger, and try a complete solution. In this solution, you create a package that performs a load of a few dozen files into a table and audits the fact that you did this. You also build steps in the package to prevent you from loading the same file twice.

NOTE This lesson assumes that you’ve gone through the rest of the book to learn the components in a more detailed fashion than will be covered in this lesson. Some of the low-level details in this lesson have intentionally been left out for that reason, but you can see those steps in this lesson’s companion video.

To work the solution in this lesson, you need to download a few files from the book’s website at The files that accompany this lesson are as follows:

  • Lesson62Create.sql—This is the file that creates the schema you’ll be using throughout this lesson.
  •—This contains the data that you’ll be using to load.
  •—This contains the data to simulate the next day’s data.
  • Lesson62.dtsx—This is a completed version of the package for this lesson.

Lesson Requirements

The AdventureWorks, Inc., sales department wants ...

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