Chapter 13



Here we explore how social media like wikis and blogs, and many other social networking technologies, can improve collaboration and knowledge sharing. Using social media such as wikis and blogs can enhance individuals’ collaborative capability by reinforcing and building individuals’ motivation to collaborate. Individuals do respond differently to the introduction of such technologies so five “user modes” offer a way to assess how to encourage and support people in the way that suits them. When there is a variety of technology options to choose from, groups will be quite effective in choosing the most appropriate tool for the job and finding out how to use it. Those who are used to working at a distance tend to become relatively more skilled at discussing and agreeing how to work together effectively and identifying social media that will help them.

People recognize the potential benefits of using social networking technologies for business knowledge sharing, but at present, they often feel that the benefits are outweighed by the perceived risks associated with mixing personal and professional networks. Clear policies supported by effective communication and training are needed to change these perceptions.

Why this Matters

Web 2.0 technologies create a democratic environment that allows more people to have their say about what matters to them. They give people access to information and knowledge as they need it, but more ...

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