Array Variables

One-dimensional arrays are supported by the Korn shell. Arrays can have a maximum of 4096 elements. Array subscripts start at 0 and go up to 4096 (or the maximum element minus one). Any variable can become a one-dimensional array by simply referring to it with a subscript. Here, variable X is set to A:

					$ X=A

By explicitly assigning X[1] a value, variable X is transformed into an array variable:

					$ X[1]=B

The original assignment to variable X is not lost. The first array element (X[0]) is still assigned A.

Table 3.6. More Variable Expansion Formats
${variable//pattern1/pattern2} replace all occurrences of pattern1 with pattern2 in variable
${variable/pattern1/pattern2} replace first occurrence of pattern1 with pattern2 in ...

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