Kotlin Design Patterns

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Uncover essential design patterns with Kotlin

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  • Implement classical designs via creational, structural, and behavioral patterns and get insights into the advantages and possibilities they bring
  • Use a wide range of design patterns to polish your Android code and write cleaner code effortlessly
  • A practical course comprising small and straightforward examples in a friendly style to help you write high-quality programs and create customized applications

In Detail

Over the years, programmers have run into pretty much the same problems time and time again; not every problem is entirely unique. Therefore, over time programmers applied varying solutions to these problems, and this is how design patterns were born.

This course will walk you through some centrally significant design patterns so that you can easily resolve programming issues encountered in your day-to-day tasks. You'll learn these patterns in one of the most modern languages: Kotlin! We cover the three major areas in design patterns: creational patterns, structural patterns, and behavioral patterns. We also implement one structural pattern—Decorators—that plays an important role in adding functionalities to your programs. We take a look at different kinds of problem and implement the required patterns while avoiding common pitfalls. We also supply useful tips and tricks to use design patterns more effectively.

By the end of the course, you will be confident about using varying types of design patterns to solve common design problems.

Please note that a basic familiarity with Kotlin is desirable to get the most out of this course, along with some experience working with Android Studio.


If you're frustrated by commonly recurring problems while designing your programs, then this is the course for you! This course is for developers keen to become professional coders by learning how to use common design patterns to build their apps.

A basic familiarity with Kotlin is desirable to get the most out of this course.

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  • Title: Kotlin Design Patterns
  • Author(s): Yusuf Saber
  • Release date: January 2020
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781839213021