You worked indirectly with a list in Chapter 7, when you used the split function to extract three elements from the menu data. Lists hold an ordered collection of values and allow duplicate values.

Begin your tavern simulation in Tavern.kt by adding a list of patrons, using the listOf function. listOf returns a read-only list (more on that shortly) populated with the elements you provide for the argument. Create your list with three patron names:

Listing 10.1  Creating a list of patrons (Tavern.kt)

import kotlin.math.roundToInt
const val TAVERN_NAME = "Taernyl's Folly"

var playerGold = 10
var playerSilver = 10
val patronList: List<String> = listOf("Eli", "Mordoc", "Sophie") fun main(args: Array<String>) { placeOrder("shandy,Dragon's ...

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