Chapter 1. Introducing Landing Page Optimization

In This Chapter

  • Understanding what makes up a landing page

  • Determining the focus of your landing page

  • Understanding your audience

In the past few years, the popularity of online marketing has exploded. Advertising opportunities from Google, Yahoo!, and social networking sites (such as Facebook) have all brought with them new online marketing avenues. For many individuals and companies, these online opportunities are simply too good to pass up. Just imagine being able to take a product or a service, mix in some creativity, add a little bit of hard work, and from that, create an income-generating online business? This sounds too good to be true — and it often is. The brutal fact is that few people can even augment their salaries, much less earn a living from the results of their online marketing efforts.

Face it: Moving from a concept to a successful online marketing campaign can be a difficult, hard road to travel with many wrong turns, roadblocks, and the occasional pothole. But knowing the lay of the land may help you avoid some of the bigger potholes.

The one key feature of the online marketing landscape is the landing page — that (hopefully welcoming) doorway to your online storefront, which you present to your Web site visitors. You may not be too familiar with the concept or aren't quite sure what's all wrapped up in the idea of a landing page, but don't let that bother you now. With this book in your hands, you'll be okay because ...

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