Chapter 2. Understanding Online Marketing Basics

In This Chapter

  • Identifying online marketing terms

  • Revealing the myths of online marketing

  • Understanding customer life cycle management

  • Acquiring visitors

  • Converting visitors to customers

  • Retaining customers

  • Managing your expectations realistically

Online marketing, also known as Internet marketing, e-marketing, and Web marketing, is a new frontier in sales and advertising. Although online marketing shares some similarities with traditional marketing, it also has unique differences. Online marketing brings with it new terms and new jargon — SEO, PPC, banner advertising, and viral marketing to name a few. To succeed in this new marketing arena, you can't get around the fact that you're going to have to familiarize yourself with all the new terms and jargon — the basics of online marketing, in other words.

This chapter focuses on the common online marketing elements, teases out a lot of the new terms, and then goes on to show you how landing pages fit into an online marketing campaign. (That's why you're looking at Landing Page Optimization For Dummies rather than Online Marketing For Dummies, right?) The chapter also looks at a cornerstone concept of marketing — customer life cycle management.

Understanding Online Marketing Terms and Definitions

It seems like any industry brings with it a host of terms and definitions specific to that industry. You know these terms as jargon, and online marketing has more than its fair share of unique and often-cryptic ...

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