Chapter 10. Improving Customer Communications

In This Chapter

  • Realizing the importance of client communication

  • Incorporating communication into your page

  • Figuring out your communication options

  • Using forums and customer reviews effectively

Communication is an important part of both your landing page and your customer service. As you'd expect of something that can have serious consequences for the success of your online enterprise, you have a number of communication options you can use on your landing page, if you so desire. Some are quite effective; some not so much.

In this chapter, we look at your communication options, including features you can easily incorporate into your landing page, such as customer feedback forms, e-mail, phone, and visitor forums. Each of these elements increase the communication you have with your visitors (and potential customers). Incorporating these features and others into your landing page can significantly change how well your online business is perceived and then ultimately change your conversion rates in a positive direction.

Communicating with Your Visitors

Right off the bat, for the most part, less is (sometimes) best when it comes to communication. Why? Too much communicating can take lots of time (and money) and distract you from other tasks you need to do. The goal, when you design a landing page, is to keep communication to a minimum. Basically, the goal is to design a landing page where visitors arrive, buy something, and that's the end of it. ...

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